Hot Links: Blodget & Spitzer Sittin' in a Tree

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Not just tent cities anymore, more like a Tent Metropolis in Nashville, TN.  (WSJ)

The SEC kids were dropping off resumes after auditing Bernie Madoff.  Nice.  (NYP)

Felix Salmon saw the Scariest Billboard of the Day in NYC yesterday.  (Reuters)

My favorite read of the week:  Lunch and a discussion on why powerful civilizations destroy themselves with Jared Diamond.  (FT)

When mutual fund managers are held back from performance by their own mandates.  (Morningstar)

Eric Jackson takes on the monopolistic shareholder voting system.  Keep up the good fight, E.  (BreakoutPerformance)

OMG, a video roundtable with legends Michael Steinhardt and Leon Cooperman.  (InfectiousGreed)

Blodget and Sptizer kiss and make up.  On camera.  I’m gonna cry.  (Clusterstock)