Hot Links: Phonehenge



Hot Links for Labor Day Reading…

The 8 worst mutual funds that should be dumped now.  (Morningstar)

John Carney on the Kudlow Report talking about the FHA’s financial condition.  (Clusterstock)

Speaking of the FHA, Trader Mark sees some ominous signs in the default rate of loans.  (FundMyMutualFund)

Did inflation help bring down the Roman Empire?  (

The Spinozan take on Krugman‘s widely-read Why the Economists Failed piece.  (UltimiBarbarorum)

The High Frequency Trading Arms Limitation Treaty.  Killer post.  (Bookstaber)

20 cool “Clonehenge” recreations of Stonehenge, my fave is phonehenge (above).  (WebUrbanist)