Hot Links: Ugly Dolls, Trillionaires & The Plant That Eats Rats

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The LOLFed kids require that you pay them only in stacks of Zimbabwe Dollars.  (LOLFed)

Felix Salmon on who’s winning between the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal…in his vestibule.  (Reuters)

One of the coolest small business stories I’ve heard in awhile: How Ugly Doll became a company.  (LATimes)

The biggest identity theft case in history busted, 130 million credit card numbers.  (NYT)

BlackRock’s Larry Fink, inside the Trillionaires Club.  (Fortune)

Green Shoots!  Bank robberies down year over year…maybe ’cause the banks are already empty.  (Clusterstock)

Anthony Bourdain on why he both loves and hates San Francisco.  (Travel)

Lazard picks up a Goldman IPO expert, preparing for a wave of offerings.  (DealBook)

Meet the plant that eats rats.  Don’t click through if you’ve just eaten or you’re my wife.  (Sun)