Hot Links: Ben Stein, The Link Economy & Johnny Appleseed


Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

JPMorgan updates it’s outlook and strategy for stocks, oil, bonds and currencies.  (PragCap)

I don’t know what the better aspect of this link is, Ben Stein‘s being fired by the NYT or Equity Private‘s writing, which is brilliant.  Click either way and read the post.  (Dealbreaker)

Blogger Felix Salmon breaks down the Link Economy and explains why it benefits major news sources like Reuters.  Incredible explanation of the concept.  (Reuters)

Never give up, because according to researchers, Grit is actually a very important factor in calculating success.  H/T Paul Kedrosky.  (BostonGlobe)

Mansions being sold at auction.  (NYT)

How bad is the new jingle for Microsoft‘s Bing campaign?  (Knowledge@Wharton)

A few things you probably didn’t know about Johnny Appleseed.  (MentalFloss)