Hot Links: Megan Fox & The Siren Song of the Bears

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

David Merkel on ignoring the siren song of bearishness in a bull market.  (AlephBlog)

The big BIG winners of 2009: Stocks that are up 400% plus:  (Bespoke)

Bonus/ compensation discussions will be prominent at the G-20 meeting next week.  (Bloomberg)

Peter Schiff: Letting Lehman go was one of the only things we did right.  (TheStreet)

Must-read of the day: The bills from the bailout are starting to come due.  (NYT)

Palm no longer making phones with Microsoft operating systems.  (TechFlash)

If you’re a thinking person and enjoy intelligent debate on business television, here’s the best news you’ve gotten all year:  (Dealbreaker)

The IMF is selling 1/8 of their gold, 403 metric tons.  Why?  (ZeroHedge)

Envisioning A World Without America. (IBD)

Are you ready?  Megan Fox on the cover of the new Rolling Stone, including a photo shoot video.  You’re welcome.  (RollingStone)

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