Hot Links: Warren G, Bill Clinton & the Facebook IPO


Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

What agreements and tangible progress came out of the G-20?  More than you think.  (DealBook)

News to me!  Those who are dying to get in on the Facebook IPO have an extremely early and expensive option.  (Clusterstock)

Talking capitalism and entrepreneurship with Bill Clinton and friends.  (Forbes)

Gangsta Rap legend Warren G shares his thoughts on the economy and Citigroup.  G’s up, deficits down.  (Dealbreaker)

The 10 Most Important Drug Breakthroughs.  (WebMD)

Why is there so much disagreement about whether or not stimulus even works?  (Economist)

This one’s only for the geeks: The 10 biggest movie plot holes without answers.  (GeekDad)

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