Joshua M Brown

QOTD: Bullsh*t Bubble

if this really is a bubble (we disagree), it’s actually a fairly lackluster “bubble” compared to bull markets of the past.

Financial Advisor / Debt Concierge

  The Wall Street Journal today: Wall Street brokerages are pushing customers to take out billions of dollars in loans backed by stocks and bonds, a trend that yields lucrative fees for the firms but poses risks for borrowers. Josh here – It’s a new world. Investors have discovered that costs matter a great deal…


I’ve been thinking about lithium a lot lately. You can’t make an electric car without it. Lithium is the lightest metal on the periodic table. In fact, it’s the lightest solid element period and the lightest element than can conduct electricity. I’m insanely bullish about electric cars and trucks. But I’m not terribly interested in buying…