Buyable Vix Spike

The S&P 500 fell 4% over five days, just a few sessions after everyone was worried about a melt-up. What a country! 

The Book That Changed My Life

Michael makes a point about finding the right book at the right time in our lives, and for me, finding Nick’s writing ten years ago was exactly what I needed.

Coming Up!

How should investors think about the Uber IPO, market volatility and the new call to break up the Facebook monopoly?

You couldn’t dream up a sicker lineup if you tried

As promised, we just unveiled the draft agenda for this September’s Wealth/Stack conference and it’s absolutely jaw-dropping. Some of the biggest hitters in the wealth management space are speaking live over the course of our two and a half day advisor conference. We have industry giants like Joe Duran (United Capital), Steve Lockshin (Advice Period),…