Less tweets, more checks

When you deposit $1200 into the checking account of a person who is struggling to pay their bills and feed their family, a very interesting thing happens

Why Dave Portnoy Triggers Professional Traders: What Are Your Thoughts

Join Michael Batnick and Josh Brown for another round of What Are Your Thoughts, discussing all the biggest topics on The Street this week, including: Barry Ritholtz had Barstool founder and newly minted daytrading phenom Dave Portnoy on his podcast this week Public is the new Private – why companies are all of a sudden…

Whatever comes after Trump and Biden will be worse

What has developed is more like a K. On the upper arm of the K are well-educated and well-off people, businesses tied to the digital economy or supplying domestic necessities, and regions such as tech-forward Western cities. By and large, they are prospering. On the bottom arm are lower-wage workers with fewer credentials, old-line businesses…

This is what IPO Nirvana actually looks like

Thanks for listening to the new episode of my podcast over the weekend – I had on two experts in the IPO market to discuss what’s going on now and what is to come as we end 2020 with a record number of deals and dollars raised. If you missed it, my big takeaway is…


Measures of volatility don’t always match up well with the direction of the stock market.