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Pick Your Favorite Recovery Shape!

Cindy Perman of CNBC’s Pony Blog has a great post up today that asks what shape the economic recovery may take.  The choices range from the typical U, V, and W-shaped recoveries to some more, umm, unconventional ideas, like the lighning bolt, bath tub, square root or my personal contribution to the piece, the fabled Mickey Mouse-shaped recovery….

Who's Who of Financial Bloggers

Who’s Who in the World of Financial Bloggers?  Well, if finance blogdom was a high school, here are the extra-curricular activities your favorite bloggers would be involved with…   1.  A.P. Economics Barry Ritholtz (The Big Picture) Mish (Global Trend Analysis) Anonymous (Calculated Risk) Boone, Johnson & Kwak (Baseline Scenario) Yves Smith & Co. (Naked…

Hot Links: CNBC, Positivity, Thomas Weisel & Credit Cards

Hot Links for Weekend Reading Ever wondered what CNBC actually stands for?  Its their 20 year anniversary, so check out The Business Insider (the old Clusterstock) for the answer and amaze your friends and co-workers! Also on TBI, James Cramer breaks his silence on his appearance with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.  Twas an ambush….

Hot Links: LOLFed, Bailout Nation & Bill Singer

Hot Links for Weekend Reading I confess, I am now officially a LOLFed junkie.  This week, they gave us the NYSE’s new Dollar Menu, featuring items like Citigroup, Pier 1 and Vonage.  Alyx, you rule. The week started with another bombshell (non) earnings report from AIG, the hedge fund that happens to be attached to…

Hot Links: Gold, TARP and Pink Slip Parties

Hot Links for Weekend Reading This past Sunday, the most memorable commercial on the Super Bowl was Cash4Gold‘s spot featuring MC Hammer and Ed McMahon.  What made the commercial memorable was not the humor (down-on-their-luck celebs melting their gold for money).  No, the memorable aspect was the very existence of a cash for gold company…