Year of the Draggin'

On January 23rd, the Chinese celebrate the start of their New Year – and it’s the Year of the Dragon.  It’s also the year in which the bill comes due for one of the most ambitious and misguided stimulus plans in world history. The bottom line is that the entire thing is being built on…

Season of the Witch

Samhain was the original ancient name for Halloween…and as October 2011 begins, we find ourselves at the very nearest to the World of the Dead that we’ve been since the March 2009 lows.

TRB in the Financial Times Talking BRIC

I just got around to reading and digesting Gillian Tett‘s phenomenal recounting of the BRIC saga from the Financial Times this past Friday.  Tett does a great job getting to the origins of where the research team got its idea to conceptualize the investment theme and then traces its global spread from finance to consumer…