Richard Bernstein: China's a Bubble and Gold is Pretty Close

When Richard Bernstein is in the news, I pay attention.  He’s a Wall Street vet who always seems to make interesting calls but we don’t necessarily hear from him all that often.

The strategist is out today with two somewhat controversial views on well-loved themes that you may want to pay attention to…

“China has a credit bubble that makes ours look like nothing,” said Bernstein, CEO of Richard Bernstein Advisors and former chief investment strategist and head of Merrill Lynch’s Investment Strategy Group. “Gold,” he added, “is not in a bubble but it is about as close as you can get.”

“Everything people don’t like about the United States over the past five years they have in spades,” Bernstein said about China.

Berfnstain has some compelling ideas for why China stocks, commodities and gold are to be avoided and why Europe may exceed everyone’s expectations.  Head over below.



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