New Blood

Berkshire’s got a brand new bag.  You’ve almost never seen Warren’s company buy a stock and then blow it out a year later.  Berkshire’s corporate culture is and has always been buy and hold; Buffett tries to own things he would never want to sell. But there’s some new blood at the company.  Todd Combs…

Why Berkshire is Killing It Right Now

I took a boatload of criticism for my position in Berkshire Hathaway last fall.  We looked at it as a stealth housing play and a backdoor investment in the beaten-down banks we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to buy directly.  And people really hated it.  “It’s too expensive and Buffett is too old and the company…

State Street vs Buffett

I think Buffett was simply trying to explain the difference between productive assets like oil reserves and farmland versus an asset like gold