Behavioral Finance/Psychology

Are investors getting smarter?

Ben says yes, investors are getting smarter. His evidence is the fact that a market sell-off of 35% brought in millions of new investors, arriving as they did, all at once, as though prompted by a divine thunderclap from the skies. It’s really quite remarkable that the reaction to a bear market was a speculative…

SPACs are still bulls***

I almost slipped and bought into the SPAC Renaissance. Almost. Draftkings looks legit. But Draftkings could have been a true IPO. The SPAC wrapper was beside the point. Chamath and Ackman will probably do something legit, those guys usually find a way to win. Maybe a few others. The rest are / will be garbage….

A Tale of Two Semis

I want to take this opportunity to relay one of the most important truths I’ve ever learned about the stock market.