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If we think our “human capital” – our people – is the most valuable asset we have as a firm (and, of course, we absolutely do think that) then it’s very important for me to get this next hire right. We’re between 40 and 50 employees at the moment, just at the cusp where splitting up the various HR tasks among several of our execs and staffers is no longer adequate or ideal. The size of the firm now necessitates a full time, fully dedicated, experienced, energetic and talented Director of Human Resources.

Danny Meyer talks extensively about the concept of taking great care of your employees so that they will in turn take great care of your customers. It’s so obviously the right approach to any service business. I wrote about this here.

This week we began our nationwide search for an absolute rock star to take this position and run with it. I believe this is the most exciting HR opportunity in the entire RIA space given how unique and visible we are. Our talent search is taking place from coast to coast given the fact that we have more remote employees than non-remote employees (which has been the case for years, starting way before the pandemic). And what’s interesting about hiring a human resources director is that financial industry experience is not necessary. People are people, no matter what business or charitable organization or government agency they’re working in. So a candidate coming to us from Pepsi or Verizon would be on equal footing with a candidate coming from Morgan Stanley or Raymond James.

We are taking our time with this hiring process and trying to see a broad spectrum of people to interview. This person is going to be interacting with everyone at the firm, from managers to trainees, so we really have to get this right.

Anyway, this could be a life changing opportunity for someone who really wants to be a part of something special and help to shape it from an early stage. If you know a candidate who should be applying, send them the link below for a full description of what the job entails and what qualifications are necessary.

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