Hot Links: Pitchforks are Coming

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Europe sucks.  (BusinessInsider)

AEP: Europe is no longer a recession, but a depression.  (Telegraph)

Bank of America settling all mortgage claims for $17 billion, the single largest corporate settlement with the government in American history.  (DealBook)

Hilsenrath explains why the Fed’s new exit strategy benefits foreign banks.  (RealTimeEconomics)

Passive vs Active fund flows year-to-date: $177 billion vs $74 billion.  (WSJ)

Rick Ferri on volatility – like rain in the desert.  (ETF)

New all-time highs are a good thing for the stock market and perfectly normal.  (WealthOfCommonSense)

High CAPE Ratios are actually indicative of confidence in earnings estimates.  (Bloomberg)

Rex Nutting says 95% of QE went into safe assets and cash accounts. (MarketWatch) but Cullen says BS  (PragCap)

Wage inflation comes to Wall Street as Goldman and JP try to keep junior bankers from Silicon Valley.  (Reuters)

Billionaire: The pitchforks are coming for us.  (Politico)

Mark Cuban: The six things you need to be great in business  (BlogMaverick)

David Merkel: “A lot of what passes for investment knowledge is history-dependent, and may not serve us well in the future.”  (AlephBlog)

How PIMCO took advantage of the junk bond dislocation last week.  (Bloomberg)

12 lessons from Ace fund reporter Brendan Conway as he moves from Barron’s to the buyside.  (Barrons)

The White House shares details about its James Foley rescue attempt (WSJ)

More on the journalist ISIS has threatened to kill next. (NYP)

Tech douchebags invade Burning Man. Drone strike here, please:  (NYT)

Another Twitter accounts gets its own TV show.  (Vulture)

Gentlemen, it’s all about rich brown leather this fall. Step your game up.  (GQ)

The new book – Clash of the Financial Pundits – now on sale!


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