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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

“The recovery from the recession has been nasty, brutish and long. It also is shaping up as one of the most enduring.”  (WSJ)

Andrew Thrasher’s weekly rundown of what the charts are telling us.  (AThrasher)

Why Pfizer is crushing on AstraZeneca.  (Reuters)

DO NOT miss James Surowiecki on biotech’s incredible pricing power.  (NewYorker)

Henry Blodget: The Average Stock Is More Expensive Now Than It Was At The Peak Of The Dotcom Bubble In 2000. (BusinessInsider)

Why Facebook can’t figure out what to do with its apps.  (Wired)

Citi: These are the 20 best stocks in America right now.  (BusinessInsider)

How to spot a market bubble.  (WSJ)

Japan may be planning to buy a metric ass-ton of JGBs for its next round of stimulus. It’s a technical term.  (Reuters)

Shinzo Abe: Trust me guys, I’m not f***ing around.  (ProjectSyndicate)

Why ETFs Are Better than Mutual Funds, in Two Charts (ETFdb)

The Chinese colonization of Africa continues.  (BusinessWeek)

Will Google’s Project Ara give shares of 3D Systems a much-needed boost?  (ValueWalk)

Last night – my escape from Disney World and some killer reads from the past week you may have missed.  (TRB)

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