Hot Links: Off a Cliff

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

At the end of last year, money managers “shot their wad” at the S&P 500. Now what?  (ValueWalk)

Felix Salmon: Who’s really to blame for the EM spasms as taper ends?  (Reuters)

Meanwhile, signs point to the EM crisis getting worse, not better, from here:  (HumbleStudent)

The Russian economy is also falling off a cliff.  (BusinessInsider)

…and then there’s the $15 trillion shadow hanging over China’s banking system.  (Telegraph)

New organization formed to defend corporations from the unchecked power of massive activist hedge funds.  (DealBook)

Bill Simmons mixes it up with Grantland readers reacting to last night’s “Super Bag”  (Grantland)

All of a sudden, no one wants to actually retire.  (NYT)

Proof that the Middle Class is dead? The retailers that cater to them are throwing in the towel.  (NYT)

How many casinos can the United States actually support?  (TIME)

Is Apple working on a fitness wearable?  (9to5Mac) via Tadas

Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead. RIP big guy.  (LAT)

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