Hot Links: Casino’s Open!

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Bill Gross’s January outlook is live.  (PIMCO)

Introducing the Too Big To Fail Hedge Fund – when  speculators become systemically important.  (Bloomberg)

Everyone will be talking about the big Janet Yellen cover story at TIME Magazine today, her first interview since becoming the most powerful woman in the world.  (TIME)

BlackRock discontinues market-moving sentiment reports.  (Reuters)

Get up to speed on the emerging markets crash happening around the world.  (ValueWalk)

Goldie: These are the five biggest risks to the global economy for 2014:  (PragCap)

Japan uses non-taxed investment accounts to stimulate stock market participation. Casino’s open.  (MarketBeat)

Barron’s visits with the Comeback Kids of asset management, what are they doing differently?  (Barrons)

Grading the Barron’s Roundtable pundits for 2013 – who was hot and who was not?  (PunditTracker)

How frequently do great CEOs check their stock price?  (AlephBlog)

Governor Christie on TrafficGate.  (NYP)

How screwed up is the Chinese banking system and can it be fixed?  (NYT)

This is my favorite fast food ad campaign ever:  (ThePotato)

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