Hot Links: Balls Rising

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Better than expected PMI in China overnight. Probably legit.  (BusinessInsider)

The stocks most widely held by hedge fund managers were down 4.5% last year vs the S&P down 1%.  (Bloomberg)

UBS’s Steve Milunovich jumps into the 3D space with a buy rec and a neutral call. Details here:  (BarronsTechTrader)

The FBI apparently follows Michael Lewis’s literary career quite closely…  (Bloomberg)

Heidi Moore’s not taking any excuses from GM re: the now-expanded recall.  (Guardian)

The Russian economy is being absolutely decimated, no sanctions necessary.  (BusinessInsider)

Risk Parity strategies were ass last year. Now what?  (Morningstar)

Has the emerging markets come back already gotten underway – or is it just another headfake?  (RiskReversal)

World’s most unfortunately named bond manager, Andrew Balls, is on the rise at Pimco. (Can you imagine how tough this guy must be, having grown up with a name like that?)  (Bloomberg)

Carl Richards: What Wall Street won’t tell Main Street is that saving is so much more important than investment returns.  (NYT)

How the Great Recession killed our libidos. Not mine, mind you, just most of yours. I’m totally fine. I made a baby in 2009. Look in the mirror, dog.  (BloombergView)

How the world’s most brilliant people scheduled their days.  (HuffPo)

Not sure why I never get invited on Cara Delavingne and Michelle Rodriguez’s vacation getaways…  (DailyMail)

Harvard and MIT announce a merger of their economics departments, opening the door to a potential merger of both universities. Tee-hee. (Mankiw)

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