Hot Links: The Last One

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Barry: 10 Financial Resolutions You Can Actually Keep  (WaPo)

Jeff Miller: What if the rotation into stocks has only just begun?  (DashOfInsight)

Goldman chief economist Jan Hatzius is super-bullish for next year.  (BusinessInsider)

Your number one mobile is not your phone or your tablet – it’s your car, yo.  (WSJ)

Mark Hulbert: The top market-timers are staying bullish for 2014 and these are their favorite stocks.  (Barrons)

The biggest year for stock fund inflows since 2000.  (Bloomberg)

Globalization in Four Sentences.  (BusinessInsider)

The Best Financial Advice I Ever Got – All Star Edition (must-read).  (WSJ)

Jerry Khachoyan: This is the real chart of the year:  (ArmoTrader)

Obama and I watch all the same TV shows – Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, etc.  (NYT)

Two ways to play the potential for global growth next year: Basic Materials (Fundamentalis) and Industrials (Morningstar)

The organizational structure at Zappos is banoodles.  (Quartz)

Central Park mugger turns down a flip-phone. LOL  (NYP)

ICYMI: My Wolf of Wall Street review.  (TRB)

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