Hot Links: Return to Normalcy

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Wall Street strategists are betting on a Return to Normalcy as their big theme for 2014.  (BusinessInsider)

Barry reposted my guide to stock market corrections, ICYMI.  (TBP)

Is India’s new central banker making any progress yet?  (TheEconomist)

These are the top ten buys and sells of the Ultimate Stockpickers.  (Morningstar)

Cliff Asness reveals the most annoying things other investors say and think.  (CFA)

Madoff’s top finance lieutenant spoke in court yesterday, dropped a few bombs about the biggest, longest-running ponzi of all time.  (Bloomberg)

Meet the self-styled “Largest Investor in Hedge Funds in the World.”  (DealBook)

The Brazilian economy sucks.  (beyondbrics)

94% of US consumers cannot name a single Chinese brand. Don’t matter.  (QZ)

Apple makes a very key Twitter-related acquisition.  (WSJ)

How to avoid being ignorant.  (FarnamStreet)

Sources confirm that Paul Walker died during  a street race.  (NYP)

It’s J-Law’s world, we’re all just living in it.  (Vulture)

Star Wars VII is rolling forward, official Instagram account complete with Darth Vader selfie confirms it.  (Deadline)

Walmart’s top-selling item on Black Friday will make you weep for America.  (BusinessInsider)

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