Hot Links: Rally Into the Crash

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Grantham: We’ll rally more before the crash. Got that?  (BusinessWeek)

Lil Weezy” The only way Abenomics will prove to have been successful is if and the when the locals buy in.  (BusinessInsider)

“Actually, economists CAN predict financial crises.” – so what, they just don’t feel like it? I don’t understand…  (Bloomberg)

Meanwhile, scientists brawled with Fama over the legitimacy of economics the other night. Six dead, four wounded.  (Economix)

JPMorgan’s $13 billion selfie.  (HighNetWorld)

Heidi Moore’s take on the record settlement and what it means.  (Guardian)

Why JPMorgan might have gotten a good deal in the end.  (DealBook)

For investors, Coal is the new Tobacco.  (Bloomberg)

…and Frontier Markets are the new Emerging Markets.  (Morningstar)

Obama wants to rebrand his healthcare trainwreck. I suggest HMO on Crack.  (NYP)

There’s Type A Personalities and then there’s this guy:  (VanityFair)

The modern mariachi band in Mexico comes strapped with bazookas and sh*t.  (Wired)

$1.2 million in gold bars found stashed in Boeing 737’s bathroom  (NBCNews)

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