Hot Links: Tapered

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Everyone’s talking about this massive Goldman forex trading loss from the no-taper Fed meeting.  (ValueWalk) and (Reuters) and (WSJ)

How to play a potential bank rally as rates go higher.  (ETFTrends)

Goldman’s 10 themes for 2014.  (PragCap)

SAC’s employee number one under the microscope this week at the never-ending insider trading trial.  (DealBook)

David Merkel peels back the curtains a bit, here’s how he generates investment ideas.  (AlephBlog)

Rough week for the red-hots.  (Bespoke)

The White House that idea where hedge funds take Fannie and Freddie private is absolutely hilarious.  (TheStreet)

Another day, another bullshit artist with a stock-picking software system.  (BrokeandBroker)

Why not tie the taper to deficit reduction?  (DrEdsBlog)

The world’s most powerful computer is being wasted on Bitcoin.  (Gizmodo)

Whoa – 70% of SnapChat users are female. Wait, actually that makes sense…  (Digits)

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