Hot Links: Middle Class Wreckage

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Bill McBride: The Future is Still Bright!  (CalculatedRisk)

Lil Weezy: The Taper is the least of Wall Street’s problems this fall.  (BusinessInsider)

European stock ETFs are hot again (who could’ve seen that coming?)  (ETFTrends)

Michael Bloomberg: Here’s how I became a certified bawse… (I’m paraphrashing)  (NYT)

(begin special pullout section on Steve Ballmer leaving Microsoft)

The Ballmer departure from Microsoft was more abrupt than they made it seem – and Bill Gates drove home the final blade.  (AllThingsD) and (Computerworld)

“What has gone wrong? For starters, Ballmer proved to be the anti-Steve Jobs.”  (NewYorker)

Ballmer’s tenure at Microsoft, by the numbers.  (Buzzfeed)

(end special pullout section)

The HFT guys are now stealing each others code, like watching a school of barracuda tear itself to pieces.  (WSJ)

What’s up with that huge outflow from US equities last week?  (MoneyBeat)

Mark Mobius makes the case for EM stocks being too cheap, which is remarkable considering he runs and EM stock fund!  (LinkedIn)

The legendary Muriel Siebert, the first woman to hold a seat on the NYSE, passes away at 80 years old.  (DealBook)

David Merkel breaks down the most under- and over-valued areas of the stock market today.  (AlephBlog)

How technology wrecks the middle class.  (NYT)

One of my favorite writers, Michael Lewis, on writing.  (BrainPickings)

There are seriously students paying tuition for something called Trump University, presumably majoring in “Being Born Wealthy” or “Banging Slavic Broads”…  (AP)

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