Hot Links: Scorched Earth

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Watch in real-time as Adam Parker (Morgan Stanley) morphs into the biggest bull on The Street. Hope this is all helpful for you, investors.  (TheTell)

Barry’s just about had it with the economists he hangs out with.  (TBP)

Henry Blodget, who knows exactly why Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, pretending to speculate on why Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post.  (BusinessInsider)

Sony politely tells the activist hedge fund to f*ck off.  (DealBook) and (CassandraDoesTokyo)

Guess what – the FBI is fascinated about early economic data releases to preferred clients and wants to know more…  (WSJ)

Linette Lopez on the Batista-led trainwreck that is Brazil, must-read for EM investors.  (BusinessInsider)

John Carney: Wall Street is secretly freaking out over the fate of SAC.  (CNBC)

Bill Ackman asks the SEC to look into the “Ideas Dinner” at which he believes Soros was up to something shady. This has now become scorched earth, ladies and gentlemen.  (Telegraph) and (Dealbreaker)

Paul Singer: Benchmarks are kind of stupid for hedge funds.  (HFI)

Meet Bob Piccinini, the “hidden billionaire” of California.  (Bloomberg)

Gavyn Davies: Is there any escape for China’s policy makers?  (FT)

….or is China the next Japan no matter what?  (Reuters)

Act like a professional.  (SethsBlog)

Morning Motivation: How super-producer Just Blaze hacked his way into the rap business.  (Wired)

Charlie Sheen’s winship just never ends.  (TMZ)

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