Hot Links: Completely Idiotic

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

US dollar jumps overnight, Asian and European stocks recover as Fed Week gets underway…  (Reuters)

Hlsenrath tells us to pay attention to the Fed’s economic outlook report, not just the FOMC’s press release, for clues.  (BusinessInsider)

“A couple months from now we will look back at this Yen carry concern as completely idiotic.” – Gangsta  (DynamicHedge)

70% of economists now expect a reduced QE by year-end, a big jump in expectations since May.  (USAToday)

Samsung’s new marketing deal with Jay-Z, will give away one million new copies of his album to Galaxy buyers.  (Speakeasy)

Economic blog nerds choose their sides, fiscalist or monetarist, and Cardiff Garcia throws on the referee jersey. A guide to who’s who.  (FTAlphaville)

New Bill Gross mixtape hits the streetz – “Droppin’ Bonds on Yo Moms”.  (PIMCO)

New interview with the world’s most important financial blogger, Tadas Viskanta of Abnormal Returns.  (SeeItMarket)

10 great Jesse Livermore quotes.  (JoeFahmy)

Is this the end of the secular bear market? Or just an interlude?  (BusinessInsider)

The three worst predictions of the last five years.  (PragCap)

Stanley Druckenmiller: Here’s what’s going to happen to China.  (ZeroHedge)

Speaking of China, the St Louis Fed is freaked out about the housing bubble there.  (StLouisFed)

How Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan saved country music (Salon)