Hot Links: Bluff in May

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Here come the Dow 20,000 calls 😉  (DragonflyCapital)

Barry: Okay, show me the exuberance…  (TBP)

Bluff in May and Sell in June.  (PriceActionLab)

And right on cue, the cyclicals kick down the door, a sixer of Schlitz in hand and a girl on each arm. “Is it cool if we party with you guys?”  (RiskReversal)

Hooray! “Hedge funds using debt-trading strategies honed on Wall Street are expanding at a record pace as they profit from risks big banks are no longer taking.”  (Bloomberg)

BAML: Hedge funds are the only net buyers of stocks right now.  Really?  (ValueWalk)

Four behavioral biases investors need to recognize and overcome.  (Investopedia)

“The world is going faster. A lot faster. Does that mean that you have to become faster in order to survive and prosper?”

Adam Warner’s ideas for CNBC – some real and some hilarious.  (Schaeffers)

Heir to the Rothschild banking empire finds the new world of global finance to be not so simple.  (Bloomberg)

Slideshow: What would Gatsby drive?  (GQ)

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