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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

George Soros takes a 7.9% stake in JC Penney! Game-changer for the stock or is a renter?  (DealBook)

VIDEO: Art Cashin says the market may be rallying for a brand new reason, unrelated to the US Fed.  (TBP)

is the current bull market “unusual” or “extreme”?  Let’s put it into some perspective.  (FatPitch)

The tech sector has been terrible this year, but here’s why that could be about to change (I disagree but this is interesting):  (CapitalObserver)

Reinhart and Rogoff: Responding to our critics.  (NYT)

Greggy: Ford’s been consolidating for 2 1/2 years and the set-up could be delish.  (DragonflyCapital)

Allan Sloan: Those screaming about the benefits of a lowered corporate tax rate should take a peek at the games Apple is playing.  (Fortune)

Plain-english tech sector earnings highlights – here’s what matters.  (Wired)

“The case for ongoing aggressive spending by Amazon is that the company is still in a period of miraculous transformation.”  (247WallStreet)

Holy shit is Hewlett-Packard really hiring dancers to prance around the offices and liven up their workforce? Put this thing out of its misery.  (AllThingsD)

How the Washington Hilton gets ready for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner each year.  (Politico)

You’ll be thrilled to hear that Mark Zuckerberg has built his own political action committee,, and Gates, Ballmer, Parker and other tech billionaires are down for the cause.  (AllThingsD)

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