Hot Links: Abnormally Defensive

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

West, Texas fertilizer plant explodes overnight, viral video of it is unnerving.  (TheAtlantic)

90% of Americans (and 80% of Republicans) wanted tougher background checks for gun buyers. So of course, those corrupt fucking psychos in the Senate voted it down. Gabby Giffords is incensed:  (NYT)

Commodity bloodbath, illustrated.  (Bespoke)

Bob Doll on the abnormally defensive rally.  (Nuveen)

MIT study finds that traders on Twitter have a 10% edge. Bullshit!  (FT)

iShares chief strategist Russ Koesterich answers 7 questions on investors’ minds.  (ETFdb)

Enis Taner on the high correlation between rising oil and stocks.  (RiskReversal)

Microsoft earnings preview: What effect will the nasty PC environment have this quarter?  (AllThingsD)

For Google’s Founders, What’s Cooler Than a Private Jet? A Private Terminal (Wired)

Chess: Disney rally has gotten ludicrous.  (iBankCoin)

4 Reasons for Oil’s Recent Volatility.  (PragCap)

Rich art dealer scion gets caught up in Russian Mafia – celebrity poker game bust. Quite a tale.  (NYP)

Justin Fox: The Reinhart & Rogoff dust-up shouldn’t surprise you, macroeconomics is kind of a clown show based on small sample sets and unproven assumptions anyway.  (HBR)

Today in 1991 – Nirvana debuts ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit” and knocks the world off its axis.  (MentalFloss)

Ladies and Gentlemen…Ms. Rachel Bilson:  (TMZ)

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