Hot Links: Clown Show

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Hey! The Yen was supposed to go down on this policy move! What gives?  (BusinessInsider)

Great headline, so much win: “Davos Doom Loses to Merkel-Draghi as Euro Defies Roubini”  (Bloomberg)

Macroeconomics is a f*cking clown show with all the predictive power of a toothless gypsy fortune teller.  But there are some who wish to rebuild it…  (TheEconomist)

How about this for a pairs trade – Dan Loeb puts on a short of Nu Skin (NUS) vs his Herbalife (HLF) long.  (NYP)

Here’s the new BlackBerry 10 phone pictured for the first time next to the iPhone 5.  I think they’re gonna make out, you guys…  (AppAdvice)

Joe Fahmy: Don’t be afraid to choose – and to choose incorrectly.  (JoeFahmy)

Of course there’s a conman working at the World Bank as an economist. Why wouldn’t there be?  (Independent)

The superiority of equal-weighted indexes, illustrated.  (

Who are the leading contenders to replace Bernanke as Fed Chairman (pleasedontsayme pleasedontsayme…)?  (Bloomberg)

Is anyone going to use Redbox streaming instead of Amazon Instant, Apple TV or Netflix?  (BusinessWeek)

OK, this is awesome – the 9 secret HQs of the world’s biggest intelligence agencies.  (Wired)

55 reasons male investors tend to be so bullish on lululemon ($LULU).  (TheChive)

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