Hot Links: Turning Stocks Into Bonds

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

US Taxpayer Capital Partners LP blowing out of our remaining AIG stake.  (WSJ)

Fast Eddy on the Apple correction: “Between March 22, 2000 and April 17, 2003, Apple dropped 82%. If it were to do the same this time, the stock would be at $128 per share in late 2015.”  (Crossing Wall Street)

Ryan Detrick: Trading Myths Revealed  (Schaeffers)

Roben Farzad’s The Year of the Vanguard Effect (daddy has a quote in here).  (BusinessWeek)

Stephen Gandel on the Fed: “Bernanke is turning the stock market into the bond market.”  (Fortune)

The 10 most violent up-and-coming cities in America.  (247WallStreet)

Redneck Innovations.  (TheChive)

Don’t miss The Takeaway, my daily linkfest for financial advisors!  (Investment News)

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