Hot Links: Piggishness

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Word on the street is the Spain is about to formally request El Bailout.  (Reuters)

Ed Yardeni explains how the the spread between the 10-year Treasury yield and the comparable TIPS yield can forecast stock prices.  (DrEdsBlog)

Catherine Rampell does the actual math on the Romney / Ryan tax plan, here’s the deal: (Economix)

Speculators making their biggest bets on gold since February.  (FocusOnFunds)

The SEC gets serious about data analysis and market structure issues in the Age of HFT, but can it ever catch up?  (Bloomberg)

My boy JC talked with legendary technical analysis pioneer Ralph Acampora, here’s part one:  (AllStarCharts)

Small-cap beast Chuck Royce on why the rally can keep going.  (InvestmentNews)

10 stocks with buybacks that could boost earnings.  (TheTell)

ETF WARZ: It’s a lot more complicated than just low internal expense ratios…  (ETFTrends)

TED on private equity piggishness.  (EpicureanDealmaker)

Rob Arnott: You’re kidding yourselves with the glidepath retirement strategy.  (InvestmentNews)

Some advice for Mittens heading into the first debate, here’s how to win:  (Politico)

Gentlemen: The Fall Style Guide, get your shit together.  (GQ)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning! (WSJFA)

READER CONTEST! Barry’s giving away ten tickets to the Big Picture Conference, check it out!  (TBP)