Hot Links: Roads to Nowhere

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Joe’s NFP preview, number out at 8:30 am.  (BusinessInsider)

China announces a $126 billion state plan to build new subways and roads, presumably to nowhere, to stimulate their “economy.”  (Bloomberg)

Credit Suisse: Spin-offs are the shit, the parent outperforms the market by 9.6% over 12 months and the baby goes up 13.4% on average over the same timeframe.  (FocusOnFunds)

The Euro stocks theme picks up as market players hunt for dividends.  Told ya so.  (MarketWatch)

Barry on why the market really rallied.  (TBP)

Gary Shilling: Six asset classes for bears to be bullish about.  (PragCap)

The Sell In May crowd got smoked this summer, a harsh lesson learned.  (PriceActionLab)

Best and worst dressed at last night’s VMAs.  (Buzzfeed)

Don’t forget that we’re all just animals in the end.  (EpicureanDealmaker)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning! (WSJFA)