Hot Links: Wake Up and Smell the Cyclicals

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Wake up and smell the cyclicals – along with commodities and EM stocks they have taken over the leadership here.   (Alhambra)

But Dick Arms spots the potential for a market high point here with volatility fading.  (TBP)

The big difference between the market’s feel this summer versus last summer is Resilience.  (ArmoTrader)

Can you believe this?  The Australian bank sector now has a higher market cap than the European bank sector!  (PragCap)

122 minutes with Jamie Dimon.  (NYMag)

JC on the importance of spotting false moves for a big trade.  (AllStarCharts)

Insulate yourself from anonymous criticism. It’s not going to benefit you anyway.  (SethsBlog)

News that shakes your belief in God: “Donald Trump made a $1 million hole-in-one at his new golf resort on Scotland’s famous dunes in Aberdeenshire.”  (NYP)

Psst….wanna see the enormous f***ing eyeball of a giant squid?  (Neatorama)

The 25 most absurd moments of last night’s Olympic closing ceremonies.  (Buzzfeed)

New Kate Upton photo shoot.  Good luck getting anything done this morning.  (DailyMail)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning! (WSJFA)

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