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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Dynamic Hedge: Momentum leadership names are failing here – no es bueno.  (DynamicHedge)

Brian Lund is scared of New York City…it all started when he watched The Warriors.  (bclund)

Raymond James strategist Jeff Saut says be conservative, not conventional.  (MarketFolly)

The Aregntina – YPF saga is a major black eye for emerging markets.  (beyondbrics)

Financial firms need to do a much better job with website design.  (NerdsEyeView)

Testing out the LPG fracking method in New York – could be a big step forward for eco-friendlier drilling.  (InsideClimate)

John Paulson’s putting on a big Euro bond short – Second Greatest Trade of All Time?  (Bloomberg)

The ten most promising new TV pilots of 2012.  (Vulture)

CNBC’s Erin Sharoni is the Sportsbabe of the Day.  Jesus, where have they been hiding her?  (SportsBabeoftheDay)

Don’t my miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning, which is off the hook.  (WSJFA)