Hot Links: Boom States

Stuff I’m Reading this Weekend…

The Goldman Sachs VIP List: Stocks with the most hedge fund ownership.  (MarketFolly)

Warren Buffett has beaten every single mutual fund over the past 45 years.  (WSJ)

Charles Kirk:  One of the keys to becoming a better trader is to have fun.  A great post.  (KirkReport)

John Mauldin: Welcome to the Future.  (InfectiousGreed)

Clark Hoyt on the rampant plagiarism problem in modern journalism.  (NYT)

Insider buying returns to the stock market.  (PragCap)

Some encouragement for the disillusioned Wall Street pro from Barry.  (TBP)

Desperation has pushed California’s treasurer to pitch state bonds with Google Adsense – on Zero Hedge!  (ZeroHedge)

Are mainstream media bloggers not getting the part about linking to others?  (FelixSalmon)

Econobloggers need their crisis back.  (UltimiBarbarorum)

25 Boom States (and 25 states that aren’t coming back).  Where does your home state fall?  (DailyBeast)