Hot Links: Jumping the Gun

Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Pirate Capital, one of the worst activist shareholders of all time, is trying to get funding again.  (WSJ)

SAC’s Steve Cohen steps out into the limelight, Bloomberg writes the Profile to End All Profiles on him.  (Bloomberg)

Eddie Elfenbein jumps the gun a wee bit and names Ford Motor ($F) as the stock of the decade.  (CrossingWallStreet)

Don’t count out the importance of insider buying and selling as an indicator.  (NYT)

Buffett’s biographer deconstructs the latest report from Berkshire, calls new railroad purchase a “kaleidoscope” of the economy.  (FelixSalmon)

Mish: “The only thing unions understand is total and complete annihilation.”  More lunacy in San Fran.  (Mish)

Look who’s blogging again!  The Anal_yst on the failure of targeted web advertising.  (StoneStreetAdvisors)

70 and a half is the new 65 for retirees.  (NYP)

Morgenson: Credit default swaps are a $65 trillion, mostly unregulated disaster waiting to happen.  (NYT)

A crazy gallery of Lego architecture pics.  Makes me wish I were 8 years old again.  (WebUrbanist)