Hot Links: Christian & Kermit

Some Stuff I’m Reading Today…

If one of the world’s great restaurateurs can take a sabbatical to reeducate and re-energize, so can you.  (AbnormalReturns)

The stockbroker who became CEO: The story of Joe Grano.  (NYT)

The legendary Dinosaur Trader, on hiatus from blogging, throws up a guest post on swing trading vs day trading.  Awesome.  (HCPG)

Mutual funds are asset rich right now but increasingly cash poor.  (Minyanville)

Meet Asher Edelman, the Gordon Gekko of the art world.  (WSJ)

Do your politics influence your portfolio?  (NYT)

A brilliant discussion about the pitfalls of confirmation bias, a true enemy of any investor.  (Psy-FiBlog)

Michael Lewis’s faux letter to Lloyd Blankfein re: dealing with “the mortals”.  Hilarious.  (Bloomberg)

This is insane: Christian Bale and Kermit the Frog are almost the same person.  (OhNoTheyDidnt)