Hot Links: The Myth of the Kill Switch

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Apple’s most profitable quarter ever.  (LATimes)

Krugman: The Bernanke Conundrum.  (NYT)

John Dorfman’s ten stocks he wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.  (Bloomberg)

FriendFinder looking to go public.  Sign me up for the Due Diligence meetings.  (DealBook)

Is there really a Sony Kill Switch?  One of my fave myths of all time.  (Telegraph)

Simon Johnson is not sure that the Volcker Rule will help us withstand the next asset bubble.  (Economix)

A good rationale for holding off on a Kraft investment right now.  (BarbarianCapital)

4 buisnesses being run out of prison (no, AIG is not one of them).  (Asylum)

Here’s the set list for The Who’s Super Bowl halftime performance.  Will be killer.  (RollingStone)