Afternoon Hot Links: Cash For Cul-De-Sacs

Stuff I’m Reading Today…

The existing home sales numbers were horrendous as the tax credit (aka Cash For Cul-De-Sacs) sucked in the buyers all at once.  (FundMyMutualFund)

StockTwits acquires Abnormal Returns, the World’s Most Respected Finance Aggregator site.  Everyone’s a winner here, wait til you check out the new site.  (TechCrunch) and (AbnormalReturns)

Fred Wilson on how to really calculate a return on investment.  (AVC)

Are we overdoing it a bit re: the Apple JesusTablet?  (HowardLindzon)

Introducing…The Geekosystem.  Web 2.0 fanatics get a hub of their very own.  (Mediaite)

Dick Bove compares Obama to Hugo Chavez.  Mr. Bove, your Fox News town car is waiting curbside.  (Dealbreaker)

Charles Schwab reeling in newly-independent brokers and advisors left and right.  (FAMagazine)

Jason Kelly on the Corporate Takeover of America in light of last week’s Supreme Court decision.  (JasonKelly)

The trend of weak revenues continues despite the earnings beats.  (MarketBeat)

Morgan Stanley sees bond yields rising this year.  Here’s what they say the effect on stocks will be:  (Clusterstock)

Is someone front-running the Federal Reserve when it makes its bond purchases?  (CafeAmericain)