Hot Links: Glen Bell, Cheap Oil & a Great Time to be a Bank

Stuff I’m Reading…

“There is only one question you need to ask yourself today: Where is the real risk here, right now? Is it to the upside or is it to the downside?”  (EvilSpeculator)

Maybe one day Venezuela will be hit by disaster and this fat, ridiculous clown Chavez will then pray for the US “occupiers” to arrive with aid.  (Reuters)

Knight Frank on the China real estate bubble.  Yes, it is one.  (Bloomberg)

Floyd Norris: It’s almost a great time to be a bank.  (NYT)

Business legend Glen Bell (Taco Bell founder) passes away.  (LATimes)

Goldman as dangerous closed collective knowledge system.  (HowardLindzon)

Arthur Cutten: “It is not that we will be running out of oil.  Rather, we will be running out of cheap oil.”  (CafeAmericain)

Some incredible images of Haiti six days later.  (BostonGlobe)

Might we see a Skype IPO this year?  Life-changing product btw.  (DealBook)