Hot Links: FDR, Merrill & The Wizard of Oz


Stuff I’m Reading Today…

Was The Wizard of Oz one big giant allegory for the use of silver in the gold standard?  (TamelaRich)

Obama and FDR, how they each dealt with the bankers post-crash.  (BaselineScenario)

10 investing lessons each from 3 of Merrill Lynch‘s best strategists.  Timeless stuff.  (TBP)

Bank trade: US banks long, Chinese banks short?  (PragCap)

CFTC will finally look at how hedge funds impact energy prices.  (ResearchRecap)

SEC not quite done with Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch lies.  (ZeroHedge)

Strategist Jeff Saut on The Absurdity of Predictions.  (Minyanville)

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