Hot Links: Motor City Farming

from CNNMoney

from CNNMoney

Light posting today as I’m attempting to bring the 3-year-old to the office.  Wish me luck (i will need it)…

Why the next decade may be a better one for stock investors (couldn’t possibly be a worse one, could it?).  (Bloomberg)

Great article – Santelli, Dorsey, Hobson and the rest of the new Chicago Pundit wave.  (ModernLuxury)

Upside Trader‘s 2010 Predictions.  Don’t miss this one…potentially profitable, definitely hilarious.  (UpsideTrader)

Biggest losers in technology of the last decade.  Yes of course RIAA is on the list.  (TechCrunch)

I won a Year In Review award from my girl Jr Deputy Accountant.  I was honored just to be nominated.  (JDA)

The General Growth Properties long-short brawl heats up.  (MarketFolly)

What your favorite websites looked like when they originally launched.  (Telegraph)

The Dumbest Quotes of the 2000s (Bush features prominently).  (HuffPo)

Can agribusiness save Detroit?  I’d love to see that work out for all involved.  (CNNMoney)

image from CNNMoney