Hot Links: Enjoy My Tax Dollars


Stuff I’m Reading…

A quick note on the fate of the mega rich and the American Dream.  (JoeFahmy)

Did the 00’s Suck?  (Rortybomb)

Bess Levin outs herself in The New York Observer.  Not just wickedly clever and cool, but adorable as well.  (NYObserver)

The hedge fund community distances itself from SAC, feverishly combing through phone records and emails.  (HF-Implode)

How Goldman and the other bulge brackets created CDOs, sold them to clients… and then sold them short for themselves.  (TBP)

Attention communists and welfare queens – your health care bill just passed the Senate.  Enjoy my tax dollars.  (NYT)

Guess who FT‘s Man of the Year is?  (DealBook)

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