Hot Links: Top China Myths, Top Stocks for 2010, Top Fails of 2009


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

FINALLY!  Bess Levin meets Steve Cohen!  The prophecy has been fulfilled.  (Dealbreaker)

Top Ten China Myths of 2009.  (NewYorker)

Twas The Night Before Earnings… (SharonMerrillAssociates)

Raymond James‘ global research team picks the Best Stocks for 2010.  (MarketFolly)

Another blogger gets the call:  Congrats to Mike at Rortybomb on his new gig.  (Rortybomb)

Who will be less wrong on Dubai?  Moody‘s vs Cramer.  Oh boy.  (ZeroHedge)

Americans surveyed by Bloomberg want job programs paid for by taxing the rich.  (TBP)

Tim KnightBank of America deserves a medal for repaying TARP.  LOL.  (SlopeOfHope)

Love this:  The Top Fails of 2009, including Kanye, Balloon Boy and the Love Gov of Carolina.  (TechFlash)