Hot Links: Emerging from Exile


Stuff I’m Reading…

Volcker to bankers:  Your biggest contribution over the last 25 years is the ATM machine.  LOL.  (NakedCapitalism)

BofA/ Merrill Lynch: 10 Themes for 2010 (emerging market consumer, alternative yield etc).  (MarketFolly)

Dick Fuld emerging from exile with a plan to help out small business owners in need of funds.  (NYP)

Goldman‘s big call on interest rates: No hikes until 2012.  (Clusterstock)

Pimco’s Bill Gross on pace to be managing the world’s largest mutual fund in history.  (Bloomberg)

Richard Russell sees a “vicious” sell-off coming in the stock market.  (PragCap)

John Paulson on why he’s betting on Bank of America stock and others.  (DealBook)

Tiger girl Cori linked to hedge fund manager who wired her $100,000 “out of friendship”.  Classic!  (Dealbreaker)