Hot Links: The Pot and the Kettle


Hot Links for Sunday Night Reading…

The bubbliciousness or lack thereof in emerging markets stocks.  (FelixSalmon)

Look up “Degenerate Gambler” in the dictionary, here’s whose picture you’ll see:  (NYP)

A holiday for Traders, Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors.  Amen, brother.  (HowardLindzon)

The ten most luxurious pools in Vegas.  Get my travel agent on line 1, stat.  (WebUrbanist)

What in the f&%$ has been going on at SAC Capital?  (Clusterstock)

Geithner is against the Trader Tax.  First sign of intelligent life yet.  (Mish)

David Malpass on the damage being done to the economy with interest rates at zero.  (TraderMark)

Trading: “The Open is for Amateurs, the Close is for Pros.”  (LeighDrogen)

Talk about the pot and the kettle!  Ashley Dupre criticizes the Tiger Woods mistresses.  (DailyBeast)