Hot Links: Too Fat To Graduate

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Fed to Banks: Payback Time.  (Bloomberg)

The nominees for Fund Manager of the Decade.  (FinancialAdvisor)

Jeff Saut (Raymond James strategist) calls the bears a “Cacophany of Crybabies”.  (Clusterstock)

The seven best deals on cars this Black Friday.  (CNNMoney)

Horrid economy gives a boost to evangelists and religious cult of personalities.  (RortyBomb)

A look at the other metals besides gold.  (Forbes)

Is it time to go triple short the teen vampire craze?  I’m in.  (SlopeOfHope)

An IPO for electric car company Tesla in the works?  (GigaOM)

Lawyers and accountants getting a $25 million Madoff Bonus.  (DealBook)

Campbell Soup (CPB) up 14 days in a row!  Market leader!  (Bespoke)

Yay America!  Too Fat To Graduate.  (DailyBeast)