Hot Links: The History of the Internet

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

What to make of the recent surge of IPO issuance.  (SmartMoney)

Hedgie Leon Black and his Apollo Management buying up the debt of CT’s Foxwoods casino.  (NYP)

Morningstar‘s new Shareholders tab let’s you keep track of who else owns your stock.  (Morningstar)

Eric Sprott on the pickup in momentum for gold.  (TheGoldReport) hat tip Pragmatic Capitalist

Losing Like a Winner. (EvilSpeculator)

NY’s Daily News doubles down on print newspapers.  Good luck with that.  (NYT)

Christopher Hitchens on the Fort Hood Massacre.  (Slate)

Is Dennis Kneale gearing up for Victoria’s Secret Week?  Remember last year?  (Dealbreaker)

The History of the Internet in a nutshell.  Must Read.  (SixRevisions)


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