Hot Links: Shangri-La Found?

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Templeton’s Mark Mobius sees another 40% gain for the BRIC nations.  (Bloomberg)

What Are The Best Hedge Funds Buying?  Including John Paulson, Steve Cohen, Steve Mandel.  (PragCap)

The emperors drop some crumbs: Goldman and Buffett‘s plan to help small businesses.  (Barron’s)

10 Most Annoying Things About This Recession.  (TheDisciplinedInvestor)

What’s Icahn up to with MGM?  (DealBook)

The shortest summary of the life of Adam Smith you’ll ever read.  Good stuff.  (EconomistsView)

Brian Moynihan was grilled yesterday in the House, didn’t represent the BAC very well.  (NYP)

$80 oil could mean big trouble to American families.  (Fortune)

Has the legendary Shangri-La just been found?  (NationalGeographic)